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Manuscript advice and writing school
with Jannie Solaas

Manuscript evaluator since 2004
More than 200 manuscripts evaluated
Author of more than 100 articles on writing technique


Before I sent my manuscript to Jannie, I had received 10 rejections from publishers. I only had to send the book to one publisher after that before I got my publishing contract!
Morten Klenø, author of Den 3. hund
Jannie did a great deal so that my book, Gajolmanifestet, was completed for publication. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is sitting with a manuscript that needs a loving and thorough overhaul.
Mikkeline W. Gudmand-Høyer, author of more than 10 books
With Jannie’s help, Living Between has been elevated to another level that I would have never reached alone.
Sagar Constantin Bohnstedt, author of the Living Between series